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Information center

The Justice Information Center provide information to the general public, criminal justice professionals, grant applicants, and grantees who have received funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance or the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. The primary function of the Justice Information Center is to be the first line of response for all inquiries and to provide accurate and timely answers to many types of general questions. The JIC may also refer customers to helpdesks, grant mangers or policy advisors when more advanced technical, programmatic or policy guidance is required.

Online course availability

The entire course is web-based, which allows you to work on it from any computer that is connected to the internet. This way you can work around your schedule and do whatever is most convenient for you.

Learn in Every Unit

The defensive driving texas online course has eight units that are jam-packed with entertaining animations, graphics, and videos to keep you the course fun. After every unit is a short multiple-choice quiz that you can take as many times as you need for review.

Course Breakdown

There are eight chapters in this driving safety course and you can log in and out of them as much as you want. There is a combination of text, graphics, animations, and videos in every unit so you can have fun while you work towards your permit. Each unit has a 10-question multiple-choice quiz at the end of it that you must pass to move on to the next; you can take them multiple times.

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